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Human Resources

Mission Statement

To foster an atmosphere so that competence and quality can be achieved and maintained on all levels throughout the network, and to support the needs of the organization in the most cost efficient, customer friendly way possible. To constantly challenge the status quo if it limits creative problem solving and impedes either the efficient or effective delivery of human resources services.


Commitment to: Customer Service
  • Look at work from customer's perspective
  • Look to add value to all the services we provide
  • Employee satisfaction is everyone's job
  • Find service needs and fill them — customer driven department
Commitment to: Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Enhance service without increasing the work load
  • Utilize creativity in handling increasing work volume
  • Cross-training, job sharing, flex time — utilize existing resources as effectively as possible
  • Examine all aspects of the service/operations — Does it need to be done? Can we change the way it's done and do it better?
  • Outcome driven department
Commitment to: Team approach to decision/policy making
  • Everyone brings a level of expertise and experience to the work setting
  • Team approach to problem solving
  • Policy making is the most comprehensive way to address issues.
  • Entire department needs to be involved in decision making to some extent to ensure proactive orientation to change and commitment to overall department goals
  • Using team approach to problem solving ensures that all possible solutions are considered
  • Collaboration with department, partnering to problem solve.
Commitment to: Reduction in costs
  • Look to creative ways of providing services and decreasing costs
  • Utilization of OT and ST reports to make fiscally sound decisions regarding FTEs additions/deletions
Commitment to: Continuous learning and staff development
  • Can not leave management and professional development to chance in a changing/competitive marketplace
  • Employees need tools to change and adapt to changing work environment and job requirements
  • Not just helping employees adapt to change, but providing skills so that employees create change, apply diverse thinking to change initiatives
  • Link performance to organizational goals


To provide leadership and guidance in the selection, development and retention of the workforce. To meet the demands of the customer driven marketplace, we must help shape a work force that is customer service focused. We are committed to identifying the gap between current practice and exceptional service and developing a bridge between vision and reality. We will help to create an organization culture that supports collaboration, empowers employees and fosters risk taking.

Employment Opportunities

You can find some of ECMC's job opportunities online. To contact the ECMC Corp. Human Resources (Personnel) Office, call 716-898-3930.

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