A concentration of services for the highest quality care.

The Center of Excellence for Transplantation and Kidney Care at ECMC brings two distinguished renal programs together in one center with the most advanced facilities in the region. The Center is the realization of a longtime goal of leading nephrologists and will serve as a national model in transplantation and kidney care. This concentration of services means a greater number of procedures performed, a high level of expertise among the medical staff, and the most favorable outcomes for renal patients at all levels of care. The mission of the Center is to provide lifesaving kidney and pancreas transplants, vascular access surgical care, hemodialysis for outpatients and inpatients, and treatment and disease management services for patients with all stages of chronic kidney disease. With a dedicated inpatient unit for transplantation, the Center offers a vital resource of kidney research and treatment to the entire region of Western New York and Southern Ontario.

A dedicated inpatient unit for kidney and pancreas transplants.

If you are an end-stage renal disease patient and become eligible for a transplant, you will benefit from a dedicated inpatient transplant staff comprising surgeons, nephrologists, nurses, and other medical support personnel. This highly specialized team is thoroughly familiar with transplant patients and equipped to quickly recognize and attend to any complications that might arise. Thanks to this level of medical expertise, the prognosis for success and recovery is significantly higher at a dedicated center of excellence.