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How does procurement work?
How can I find out about
  upcoming opportunities?

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How can I find out about upcoming opportunities?

As a public benefit corporation, ECMCC purchasing policies are governed by New York State competitive bidding laws. ECMCC solicits bids and proposals in the following ways:

Check the ECMCC website under “Doing Business with ECMCC”. Listed are all current IFBs and RFPs ? which can be downloaded by potential vendors.

The primary source for all procurement solicitations is the New York State Contract Reporter. Notices of IFBs and RFPs are posted in the New York State Contract Reporter at least fifteen (15) business days before the bid/proposal due date. Construction solicitations are also published in the Buffalo News at least five (5) days prior to the bid opening.

Contact ECMCC Purchasing:
ECMCC Purchasing Department
462 Grider Street
Buffalo, NY 14215

*Please be aware that all RFPs and IFBs are subject to State Finance Law Sections 139-j and 139-k. These laws govern permissible communications between bidders and ECMCC during the procurement process and establish sanctions for violations by vendors, including vendor disqualification. All questions, comments, requests for clarification and other communications regarding an RFP or IFB must be submitted in writing to the individual identified as the ?designated contract? in the RFP or IFB. Contact with any other person at ECMCC regarding the RFP or IFB is prohibited by law and may result in disqualification of a vendor?s bid or proposal. Please see the Section entitled ?Compliance with State Finance Law? in the RFP or IFB.


Lori Roepken - Director of Supply Chain Management
Phone: 716-898-4295

Sarina Rohloff - RFP/IFB Coordinator
Phone: 716-898-3289

Janique Curry - M/WBE Coordinator
Phone: 716-898-4947
Fax: 716-898-5203

Bid Opportunities