Rehabilitation Counseling Services

Medical Rehabilitation - Speech Pathology - ECMC Hospital, Buffalo, NY

Rehabilitation Counseling

Our rehabilitation program has a strong emphasis on not only recovering and managing an illness/injury but living a meaningful life with good quality and the highest level of emotional health. We recognize that your health and wellbeing impact all areas of your life. Therefore, mood and coping skills sometimes need to be addressed. We offer a range of outpatient support services.

  • Individual Evaluation/Counseling: Comprehensive psychological evaluations guide individualized care programs to address coping, adjustment, depression, anxiety, pain management, and trauma (PTSD).
  • Pre-surgical Clearance Evaluations: Comprehensive psychological evaluations to determine readiness for surgery. These evaluations not only fulfill the necessary clearance for specialized surgical procedures but also provide recommendations for resources and services post-surgery to enhance recovery outcome and provide support during the recovery proc

Counseling and Support Groups

Pain Management Support Group: A community based group that meets biweekly to focus on proactive, pain management, or counseling with an emphasis on non-medication based coping. Under the guidance of a licensed provider, this group offers a supportive environment to express your experience and concerns with peers who are experiencing similar symptoms and situations.

Acquired Brain Injury Support Group: A group that meets monthly consisting of survivors of acquired brain injury who are striving for community reintegration, return to work and recreational activities, and quality of life. This group offers education, coping skills training, and connection with peers who serve as mentors in the recovery and adjustment process.

Therapeutic Reading Groups: Using literature bibliotherapy, this group explores the natural range of emotions associated with traumatic experiences, recovery, and physical pain/disability. These innovative groups offer a nontraditional therapy experience to connect with others, engage in cognitively stimulating conversations and exercises, and enhance socialization and confidence.

Creative Expression Group: For individuals experiencing pain and disability, this group engagesindividuals in productive and creative tasks despite pain or perceived limitations with the goal of increasing confidence, encouraging engagement in recreational/productive activities, and increasingsocialization.

Spinal Cord Injury Support Group: This is a semi-structured emotional support group where participants have the chance to discuss recent stressors and concerns while also providing educational resources to facilitate adjustment to disability.  The purpose of the group is to provide a space for individuals living with spinal cord injury to connect with others finding meaning and quality in their lives.

Social Group: For individuals with pain, illness and/or disability, this group provides supervised activities enabling individuals to socialize and engage with peers in a more informal setting. Activities include trivia, painting, board games, baking, and more.

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