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The neighborhood design at Terrace View offers all residents a comfortable room with bathroom, free flat-screen television, and telephone available for a nominal fee. Resident computers are available in each neighborhood and there is a wi-fi connection for residents with personal devices. Residents also have complete access to buffet dining, a spacious and light-filled common room with a grand piano, and accommodations for family visitors who may wish to stay overnight. Other conveniences at Terrace View include:

  • A courtyard where residents can walk outdoors
  • Outdoor terraces near each unit
  • The privacy of a quiet chapel for solitude and worship
  • A fireplace area for warm and cozy gatherings
  • A café for enjoying a coffee, tea, or snack
  • A full-service beauty salon/barbershop
  • A gift shop stocked with interesting items
  • A communal area with vintage Rock-Ola jukebox for listening fun
  • A banking office for residents
  • A dental and ophthalmology clinic for screening and emergencies

"I came here because I had a stroke and I’m adjusting. I like my room and my family comes and visits me every day. I enjoy the activities, which vary from day to day and they have in-house movies on TV, which is cool. Everybody tells me I look good. I tell them I only look this good because of the care I receive from my aides.”

- Kevin Hale, Terrace View Resident