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Terrace View
  Long-Term Care Facility

Outstanding rehabilitation staff and facilities.

Subacute rehabilitation at Terrace View offers all patients with temporary debilities the opportunity to recover in a supportive and strengthening environment. Surgical patients can pre-plan their post-operative stay at Terrace View and a private room will be reserved for them. Whether your surgery was performed at ECMC or elsewhere, you’re assured of the best possible rehabilitation services under the guidance of medical center professionals. At Terrace View, you’ll receive:

  • 24-hour physician and nursing care
  • Occupational, physical, speech, and recreational therapy
  • Social work and discharge planning

Activities to build strength and regain coordination.

  • A bedroom in which to practice bed-making skills
  • A kitchen for practicing cooking and other kitchen activities
  • A bathroom for activities including showers and tub transfers
  • Portable stairs to climb and descend
  • Parallel bars to practice walking
  • A Cybex machine for performing upper body exercises
  • Raised, padded exercise mats for stretching and other physical therapies
  • Recumbent bicycle and arm bike for strengthening legs and arms

“The staff was excellent. They all were extremely professional and they gave me the confidence to feel that I could leave them and manage myself. My room was wide open, almost like a private hotel room. So I was able to maneuver and get around and even though I couldn’t walk, I was able to function independently and take care of myself. I felt that I was in the hands of competent people and we really had fun. The people are very uplifting. And that’s a form of healing as well. If any family member were to get hurt, I would recommend they go to Terrace View because it’s the next best thing to being home.”

- Joan Conners,
former subacute rehabilitation patient at Terrace View