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Easily accessible long-term care in a bright and beautiful setting.

The sparkling new Terrace View Long-Term Care Facility is a modern, light-filled residence on the ECMC Health Campus on Grider Street in Buffalo. This 390-bed nursing home is named for the cascading terraces that offer attractive fresh-air spaces for the enjoyment of residents. Terrace View is a state-of-the-art residence that provides high quality care and comfort for residents in a convenient location for their families. This highly efficient facility is designed to be patient-centered with a household or neighborhood design that focuses on the latest care delivery models. Terrace View also includes:

  • 66-bed short-term rehabilitation area
  • A 20-bed ventilation unit
  • A 16-bed behavioral intervention unit
  • A 10-bed bariatric unit
  • Dedicated specialty beds for Alzheimer’s and dementia

Terrace View is composed of small-scale neighborhoods of 16 to 24 residents and each contains a living room and fireplace, kitchen, and dining rooms. Every floor features a wide outdoor terrace and an indoor terrace lounge that overlooks it. Spacious resident rooms include a wide bay window and an adjoining bathroom. All neighborhoods also include showers and whirlpool tubs available to residents. Adjacent courtyards and gardens offer visual and recreational enjoyment for residents, families, and staff. Terrace View residents receive 24-hour physician and nursing care when needed and are right next door to all the resources and facilities of the ECMC hospital in the event of a serious illness or emergency.

“It’s more relaxed here—not so
institutionalized—and the staff is very helpful. They bend over backwards to accommodate you. If you’re physically able, you can go anywhere you want and do what you want to do. My family has been here to visit me and they just love it. If you can’t be home, this is the place to be.”

-Barbara Kaminski, Terrace View Resident