Vascular access maintenance and surgical care.

If you are a dialysis patient, the key to your long-term success and survival is your vascular access. Based on the national average, your dialysis access—fistula or shunt—will require at least two interventions per year to possibly rebuild or revise the access. Our Vascular Access Center (VAC) will work with you to prevent access failure and to decrease dialysis complications such as blood clots or other problems that may arise from poor vascular access. At the VAC, we create a program especially for you that includes creation and maintenance of all vascular access. Our maintenance program includes:

  • A clinical exam
  • Transonic flows to measure the efficiency of dialysis when applicable
  • Noninvasive assessment with ultrasound

Since we know that each patient is already committed to a dialysis schedule, we will schedule your ultrasound and procedure in one visit for your convenience. You can return to your home dialysis unit with a functioning access and a plan for follow-up maintenance. The VAC offers you:

  • Coordinated care
  • Decreased need for urgent intervention
  • Fewer emergency department visits related to access problems