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A Patient’s Guide

ECMC, the area’s leading hospital system in several primary and specialty care areas-including cardiac care, trauma care, burn treatment, traumatic brain and spinal cord rehabilitation, and renal transplant care-now offers comprehensive head and neck cancer and plastic and reconstructive services to the

Western New York community. ECMC is dedicated to excellence in patient care and customer service, to treating all patients and visitors with dignity and compassion, and to respecting each patient’s right to privacy and confidentiality.

World-renowned specialists at ECMC will work collaboratively to accurately diagnose and treat your condition.

Consultation and Diagnosis

If you receive a referral for a head and neck specialist from your primary care doctor, you can schedule an initial consultation with an ECMC specialist. At your first visit, you will be thoroughly examined by an ECMC head and neck physician. After the exam, your specialist will deliberate with a multidisciplinary team-which may include specialists in oncology, endocrinology, radiology, pathology, oral surgery, deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flaps and reconstructive surgery-to determine an appropriate diagnostic study and then devise a safe and effective treatment plan to meet your particular needs. This team approach ensures you will receive the best and most comprehensive medical care at each stage of your diagnosis and treatment.