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BUFFALO, NEW YORK; SEPTEMBER 29, 2006 - A news conference and ribbon cutting ceremony were held today at the Erie County Home in celebration of the opening of an all-new community-based Computer Training Center. This grand opening is a result of the collaborative project between Western New York (WNY) Workforce Development and the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) Corporation.

ECMC Corporation President and CEO Michael A. Young, M.H.A., F.A.C.H.E., hosted this event and thanked those individuals who made the facility possible. The initial seeds of the Training Center started in 2004, when the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation awarded the Erie County Home a grant, which provided the necessary funds to purchase computer equipment. Residents of The Home were taught how to use computers and e-mail and this was a tremendous quality of life improvement for many of them.

The program grew over the past few years with a second grant from the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation for improvements, new technology, and expanded service. In addition, high speed broadband internet by Time Warner Cable and the addition of a wireless network system to the Erie County Public Library Branch all added value to this program.

"When the need for outside assistance to provide regularly scheduled classes for our residents was recognized, WNY Workforce Development Center came to our assistance and quickly met our need," said Young. The formation of this Training Center was made possible through funding from the WNY Workforce Development Center.

Individuals who attended the ceremony included John Kaczorowski, Board Chairman of the WNY Workforce Development Center; Senator Dale Volker; Assemblyman Mike Cole; Legislator Kathy Konst and other local dignitaries and organization members. Senator Volker was asked to cut the ribbon to officially "kick off" the opening of the facility and launch the start of computer training programs to begin the first week of October for residents of the Erie County Home, the local area and employees of the ECMC Corporation.

The Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) Corporation encompasses an advanced academic medical center with 550 inpatient beds and 156 skilled nursing home beds, on- and off-campus health centers, over 40 outpatient specialty care clinics, and the Erie County Home. The medical center serves as the regional center for trauma, burn, rehabilitation, and a major teaching facility for the State University of New York at Buffalo. The ECMC Corporation is Western New York's hospital of choice through excellence in patient care and customer service.

Founded in 1829, the Erie County Home, a division of the ECMC Corporation, is the largest skilled nursing facility (400,000 square feet) in Western New York with 586 beds, 600 employees, and 400 volunteers. The mission of the Erie County Home is to provide the highest level of health, safety, and quality of life for all residents. The Erie County Home has been a Medicare/Medicaid Certified Skilled Nursing Facility since 1978.


Richard Cleland, M.P.A., Director, Post-Acute Care and Erie County Home


Joe Cirillo, Director of Public Relations, ECMC Corp: 716-898-4300 or

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