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Your feet are highly specialized structures that can develop a variety of problems related to their intricate network of bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and nerves. William Holley, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), holds a weekly podiatry clinic. He can treat foot disorders related to deformities (bunions, heel spurs), diabetes, arthritis or sports injuries and prescribe orthotic supports to help relieve pain and recover the best possible function.

Some of the most common foot disorders include:

  • Diabetic Ulcers-Are caused by the compromising effect the disease has on circulation of the feet and legs. Diabetic ulcers can lead to infections and, if untreated, limb amputation.
  • Ingrown Toenails-Commonly affect the large toe as a result of improper toenail trimming. When the toenails are trimmed too far into the corners or are too short, the nail can grow into the nail-skin fold.
  • Hammertoes-Is a term that describes the buckling under of the lesser toes. Some causes of hammertoes include inherited muscle imbalance, abnormal bone length of the toes and wearing shoes that are too short or have excessive heel height.
  • Bunions-Are a bony prominence on the side of the large toe. Causes include heredity and muscle imbalances along with poor foot mechanics.
  • Callouses/Corns-Usually are attributed to a recently purchased pair of shoes that don't fit properly. However, they can also result from the poor alignment involving the bony structures of the feet.
  • Heel Spurs-Is a bony prominence of the bottom of the heel. Some common causes of heel-spur formation are sudden weight gain, increased activity or injury to the heel.
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